Merge Sort Algorithm in Python

  1. Merge sort is efficient to use when the data set is very large. If the array size is smaller, you can use quicksort.
  2. Merge sort is a stable algorithm. It means that this sort preserves the sorting of the other dependent columns. Please refer to for more information.
  3. The time complexity is O(n logn) and the space complexity is O(n).
  4. More suitable for the linked list than arrays.
def merge_sort(arr):
arr_len = len(arr)
if(arr_len > 1):
mid = arr_len//2
left_arr = arr[:mid]
right_arr = arr[mid:]
i = j = k = 0
left_arr_len = len(left_arr)
right_arr_len = len(right_arr)
while(i<left_arr_len and j<right_arr_len):
if(left_arr[i] < right_arr[j]):
arr[k] = left_arr[i]
i += 1
arr[k] = right_arr[j]
j += 1
k += 1
if(i < left_arr_len):
arr[k:] = left_arr[i:]
arr[k:] = right_arr[j:]
return arr
return arr
arr = [2,4,5,6,2,4,5,6]
"test cases"
"empty list []"
"list with one element [1]"
"already sorted list [1,2,3,4,5]"
"reverse sorted list [7,6,5,4]"
"list with duplicate values [1,2,2,0,8,7]"




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