Relational and Non-Relational Databases

Relational Databases

Organization of data is very important to retrieve data from the databases. It helps us to use the data later. Creating a data model is an iterative process. You can alter the tables based on the data availability and redundancy in the data. Data modeling is used by the software engineers, data engineers, data scientist and whoever uses the data. The relational and non-relational databases do different kinds of data modeling.

  • high availability-RDs can be a single point of failure as they are not distributed. Thye can be scaled vertically
  • fast reads-in RDS, the queries take time to retrieve data

NoSQL databases

NoSQL databases are Not Only SQL databases. They are non-relational databases. They are used in case you have a huge amount of data if the database has to be available always and to do a faster read. The NoSQL databases are scalable very quickly. Horizontal scalability is the ability to increase the space and performance of the database by increasing the nodes. They can store data in different formats like structured, semi-structured, unstructured, JSON, and XML documents are easily handled by the NoSQL databases. To sum up, they are used when the situation is not handled by the relational databases.

  • Need to do joins, aggregations and analytics (you have do join tables across thousands of servers because of the distributed nature)
  • Small data sets and changing business requirements